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Save the Date! Wednesday May 16th @ St James, Gravenhurst


9:30 registration, 10am worship with meeting, lunch and guest speaker to follow

rsvp by contacting St. James in Gravenhurst

-Worship Services held in partnership with Community Living:

2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month....@3:15pm, St. Thomas' Bracebridge

Weekly at St. James, Gravenhurst:

HOPE CHEST Gently-Used Clothing Store: Wed & Thurs 9:30am -12:30pm

Tuesday GREAT BEGINNINGS & GIRL GUIDES, see their websites for details.

Wednesday 11:00am Mid-week Communion in Chapel

DORSET HEALTH CARE HUB - 705-766-0866, www.algonquinfht.ca



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Christian faith and life

The Anglican Churches of Gravenhurst and Lake of Bays are a family of Christians who seek to know God as revealed to us in the teachings of Jesus, and to live our lives according to his teachings - "Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; and love your neighbour as yourself."  We worship, study, and serve in our communities.  We are a mix of year-round and seasonal residents from many church traditions, and we cherish our diversity.  Muskoka is a land of blessing, in which God's peace and love can be experienced in every lake, rock and tree.  May your soul find a home with us. 

summer is coming!

Thanks for a great summer!
Worship continues Sundays through the fall at
Baysville 9:30am
Dorset 11:00am
Gravenhurst 11:00am
Barkway (1st &3rd Sundays) 1pm

Peace for the soul in every season

Barkway                                Gravenhurst                                        Dorset                                      Baysville                                          Fox Point                          Port Cunnington

Holy Manger                   St. James                                  St. Mary Magdalene                St. Ambrose                                        St. John's                           St. James

Barkway Rd via Doe Lake        191 Hotchkiss St                                      Main St. via Highway 117                         Highway 117                                     Fox Point Rd via Highway 35          Port Cunnington Rd via Fox Point Rd.

1:00                               11:00am Sundays                   11:00am Sundays                     9:30am Sundays                  11am Sundays July          9:00am Sundays July

-1st&3rd Sundays         -with Kids' Church                   -Victoria Day-Thanksgiving          9:00pm Christmas Eve            and August                                 and August

of each month               11:00am Wednesdays        -7:00pm Christmas Eve                                                             7:30pm Thanksgiving       4:30pm Christmas Eve

-4:00 Christmas Eve     -1st Wednesday each                                                                                                                                                              1:30pm Thanksgiving,

                                       month healing prayers                                                                                                                                                            Easter&Victoria Day

 Gravenhurst & Lake of Bays Anglican Churches



Our Priest is the Rev. Heather Manuel
Our Deacon is the Rev. Jim Schell
Our Honourary Assistant is the Rev. Tom James  

Reverend Heather directly:
705-641-8787 talk/text

Office: 705-687-4624,
191 Hotchkiss St, Gravenhurst, ON, P1P 1H6

Lake of Bays:
Box 5, Dorset, ON, P0A 1E0